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Haunted Orphanage Tour

Haunted Orphanage

Your tour guide will take you for a short walk in the vicinity of Baltimore Street and Steinwehr Avenue, sharing eerie tales as you pass locations such as Gettysburg’s oldest, most historic building, the Dobbin House (1776), the Soldiers National Cemetery and the former Hall of Presidents & First Ladies Museum. This portion of the tour will prime your senses for entering one of the area’s most notoriously haunted buildings.
Once you circle back to your starting point, in the location of the original dining room, you will be introduced to the story of the National Soldiers Orphanage Homestead. Journey down the original wooden stairs to the same dingy, dark dungeon where a cruel headmistress chained children to stone walls when they misbehaved. You will hear about the appalling treatment of the young children in her charge, treatments that some say caused their spirits to linger throughout the building for over 150 years.
Come visit what Ghost Adventures called one of the “Top 10 Freakiest Places in the USA” if you dare. Learn more about the history of the Haunted Orphanage.
This tour is 90 minutes long and requires climbing some steps within the home and some light walking in the vicinity. Be sure to bring your camera, as you never know what you may capture!

Packages must be in conjunction with overnight accommodations. Certain terms and conditions may apply. Please call direct for pricing and more information.

Jenny Wade Haunted Tour

Jenny Wade House

This is a journey around the South side of town that traverses the area of East Cemetery Hill. You will stop for curious tales of ghostly soldiers, heartbroken women, poltergeists, and other assorted ghostly encounters.

You will enter through the same door through which a bullet passed on July 3, 1863 killing Jennie Wade, making her the only civilian to die during the Battle of Gettysburg. The ghostly tales of this house have been recorded in numerous books and holds the distinction of being on the Travel Channel’s list of haunted houses. In October 2008 it was featured on television’s Most Haunted and was singled out by the lead investigator as the MOST HAUNTED IN GETTYSBURG. You might also have seen the Jennie Wade House in segments on Ghost Adventures, Ghost Lab and Haunted History.

The stories alone are chilling enough but now through modern technology provided by ghost researchers, we have evidence that cold spots roam the stairs & rooms, chains swing freely for no reason, and rocking chairs move when vacant. The voice of a small boy calls out “Play with me,” and a man calls from the cellar “We’re down here.”

Packages must be in conjunction with overnight accommodations. Certain terms and conditions may apply. Please call direct for pricing and more information.

2018 Haunted Orphanage and Jenny Wade Haunted Tour Pricing

Ghostly Images of Gettysburg’s Haunted Orphanage/Jenny Wade Tours are $10 per person ages 7 years of age and older. Children ages 7 and under are at no cost.


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